The Main Benefits of Hot Tapping

In the US alone, there are 2 million miles of natural gas pipeline.

Add this to the myriad of pipelines for other resources, and this network becomes the veins that keep the country running. But do you know how they are repaired, without having to shut the whole network down?

That comes from a technique known as hot tapping. Read on as we give the five must-know benefits of hot tapping. 

What Is Hot Tapping?

Hot tapping involves drilling into an active pipe that contains liquid or gas. This takes part while the pipe is still working and in service. It allows for the creation of new branches on the pipeline.

It Saves Disruption

Hot tapping does not need a pipe to close when repairs take place. This can really minimize disruption. Thus, new lines can branch off without stopping service to other parts of the plant. 

Usually, this would involve closing down production units for a few hours or days. This costs time and money. 

It Allows Bypass Lines

Some commercial buildings may have a main shutoff line that requires service or repair. Two hot taps on either side of the main shutoff can be added. This can provide a permanent or temporary bypass in the system, so work can take place. 

It Does Not Disturb Sediment

When pipelines get moved and fixed, it often disturbs build-ups of sediment that have lain dormant. This can damage the quality of the liquid within. By using hot tapping, the pipe is not touched, and thus no disturbance of the sediment occurs, keeping your liquid pure. 

It Avoids Draining the System

When repairs are done on a pipeline, very often it involves draining the whole system. This not only takes time but take a lot of money. With hot tapping, the system can remain in full use and does not require any drainage to operate. 

What Is the Industrial Hot Tapping Procedure?

A hot tapping company will start by connecting a hot tap machine to a valve. A hole will then be cut through the valve itself. The hot tap compartment then fills with liquid or air, depending upon what is in the pipe. 

Once closed off, a new connection can be added. Hot tapping can work with a number of pipe systems and materials. Copper, brass, stainless steel, plastic, and cast iron pipes can all benefit from the process. 

It can also take place on a number of different sizes, from one to 12-inch diameter pipes. A variety of high-pressure systems can also utilize hot tapping. 

Finding a Hot Tapping Company

Now you know the benefits of hot tapping, you just need to find a company that does the procedure for you. Search in local trade listings or online. It is bound to save your operation time and money. 

Rakcorp should be your first stop for hot tapping. We have a range of industrial services to benefit your business. Contact us and discuss your needs, so we can begin helping your company today. 

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