Structural Repairs

RAK’s trained professionals pride themselves on being able to quickly repair any issue, no matter the size, location, or circumstance. Whether your tank is on poor soil, a complex foundation, a tight space, and so on, our experienced maintenance team will be able to have your tank back in service quickly and efficiently.

Outside of corrosion repair and general tank maintenance, RAK is also able to provide structural repairs to ensure optimum safety and up-time. Those repairs can include:

Corrosion Repair & Prevention:

  • Filling holes with welds
  • Installing tank bottom patches
  • Replacing a tank floor

Safety Features:

  • Safety climb systems
  • Tie-off systems
  • Ladders
  • Platforms
  • Stair treads
  • Handrails

General Structure Repair:

  • Floating roof repair or replacement
  • Fixed roof repair or replacement
  • Buckled shell repairs or replacement
  • In-service tank repairs
  • Updating fire fighting foam systems
  • Updating leak detection systems
  • Adding shell stiffeners to tanks
  • Foundation repairs or modifications
  • Adding or modifying anchor systems

Sometimes repairs need to be more than surface deep, and you need an industrial tank repair partner that you can trust to ensure safety and security from the foundation up. Contact us today to discuss our capabilities or to get started on a repair with us.