Oil Line Repair

Pipelines have been used for years to transport crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas from their gathering systems to the facilities where they are processed and stored. After a certain period of time, that infrastructure begins to wear and erode, meaning preventative and ongoing maintenance is required to ensure continued performance and prevent any disastrous failures.

At RAK, we can work with you to establish an integrity management preventative plan, or be available to you should an emergency need arise.

We’ll work with you to inspect imperfections in your pipelines and ensure they are fit-for-service. If flaws or degradation occur (and they historically will), we’ll mitigate and manage those issues throughout the service life of your pipeline, including pipeline repair.

Those repairs can look different, depending on the specific pipeline. However, they can include:

  • Replace as cylinder
  • Removal by grinding
  • Deposition of weld metal
  • Reinforcing full encirclement sleeve
  • Pressure-containing full encirclement sleeve
  • Composite sleeve
  • Mechanical bolt-on clamps
  • Hot tap
  • Fittings

At RAK, we’ll work with you to determine the best repair scenario for your pipeline and will also work to establish a preventative maintenance plan with you to maintain the integrity of your materials.