Baghouse Repair in Ohio

Fugitive dust is a combustion hazard. Those tiny little particles can cause immense safety hazards and concerns, and could be an environmental issue for your company. Dust explosions can occur when combustible dust is present, forms a dust cloud, and is enclosed in an environment with oxygen and some ignition source. If your baghouse is corroding or deteriorating in any way, it’s potentially creating an environment where combustion will occur.

Not to mention, as baghouses deteriorate or corrode over time, moisture is allowed to enter the interior of the baghouse and cause the dust and particle matter to cake, or build up, together. When that happens, the deterioration process speeds up because corrosive material is just sitting on the walls of the baghouse. When there is wall loss due to the baghouse not functioning properly, you’ll begin seeing dust coming out from the inside of the baghouse. You’ll also begin seeing dust build-up that will only increase over time if the issue isn’t dealt with.

Make sure your baghouses are clear of fugitive dust and, more importantly, that your baghouses are being routinely inspected and repaired.

At RAK, we’re able to service baghouses of all shapes, sizes, and designs. Peak dust collection efficiency is crucial to running your plant at optimal performance and it’s crucial to adhering to environmental regulations. Allow us to perform routine preventative maintenance on your baghouses, or jump in for repairs in the case of an emergency.

We’ll keep your facility safe and operating under EPA guidelines with our carbon fiber repair and specialty coatings. By repairing wall loss or corrosion with carbon fiber versus steel, we’re able to address the issue quickly—without hot permits, welding, or downtime. We can also discuss an abrasion resistant coating to help mitigate this issue from occurring again in the future.

By properly maintaining your dust collection, you’ll be able to lower your energy costs, create higher airflow, and extend the life of your filters—ultimately saving you money. 

This is one of the most crucial steps to maintaining your facility in a safe and proactive way. Give us a call at RAK to schedule a maintenance visit or discuss next steps.