Internal Tank Reconstruction in Ohio

At RAK, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to repair a variety of steel tanks and provide exemplary repair, maintenance, alteration, and reconstruction services to extend the life of your tank. These repairs and modifications can include:

  • Tank Shell Repair
  • Tank Bottom Replacement
  • Tank Jacking & Leveling
  • Tank Capacity Expansion
  • Interior/Exterior Roof Repair 
  • Tank Reconstruction

At RAK, we’re able to inspect, repair, alter, and reconstruct steel aboveground storage tanks used in the petroleum and chemical industries in accordance with API 653 standards.

We use carbon fiber to repair and reconstruct, which means:

  • We will create a structurally independent carbon fiber composite using your existing tank
  • The cost to you will be less than ⅓ of the cost of traditional tank replacement options
  • We can upgrade your existing tank to handle higher pressures and temperatures, as well as more aggressive immersion. 
  • Our work will be more efficient because the flexible carbon fiber will quickly mold to any size, shape, or design. 

To discuss what tank repair and reconstruction can look like for you, contact RAK experts today.