Water Line Repair in Ohio

Water lines feed everything inside of your plant. If you’re experiencing a water line leak or failure, you could be running the risk of downtime, damaged equipment, and thousands of dollars lost. Not having water throughout your facility could result in a major issue, especially if you’re using water lines as cooling elements where the loss of cooling efforts could result in overheated equipment.

Water lines tend to be older components of a facility and don’t typically get a lot of attention until there is an issue. Whether the water lines are above ground, below ground, or high pressure, it’s important to spot a leak or deterioration before it becomes an expensive issue.

At RAK, we’re here to help you proactively schedule water line repairs during your planned outages, rather than face downtime unexpectedly. We’ll thoroughly inspect your water lines of leaks, perform thickness readings on the water lines, and assess any corrosion or abrasion issues that may be occurring. And, rather than bear the expense of replacing the pipe, we’ll work with you to repair and reinforce your water lines to get a longer life out of them.

We can address a leaking or failing water line system in a number of ways, including:

  • Injecting proprietary compound into leaking water valves or water flanges to stop a leak
  • Restore gasket loss
  • Internal abrasion linings
  • External corrosion coatings
  • Carbon fiber repair

At RAK, our fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) system can provide nonmetallic chemical- and corrosion-resistant repair to failing or degraded water pipes. Our quick action and efficient, fast-acting, and durable materials will stop leaks and repair corroded pipelines quickly and with minimal downtime.

We use a hybrid compound of high performance epoxy and custom carbon fiber to create a noncorrosive structural repair that is easily installed and conforms to various shapes and sizes. Ideal for gas pipelines, power generation pipelines, industrial process pipelines, marine and underwater pipelines, and bulkheads, our FRP system is the epitome of flexibility.

Our FRP system for water lines are:

  • Able to create a composite pipe within or around your existing piping
  • Less than 1/4 the cost of typical pipe replacement options
  • Time savers
  • Able to be used to upgrade existing pipes to provide 20+ years of maintenance-free life
  • High strength with thin composites that allow minimal reduction in pipe diameter
  • Able to adhere to concrete, steel, composite, and many other substrates exceptionally well

To discuss your water pipe repair, or to have one of RAK’s expert engineers take a preventative look at your pipes, contact us today.