External Tank Wraps in Ohio

For tanks, internal corrosion is the most common reason for tank failure or leaks, especially if the internal coating has begun to fail. Our external wraps are compatible with through-wall failures, even when caused by internal corrosion.

Carbon Fiber external tank wrap is an efficient, permanent way to repair certain defects on tanks. Much more cost-effective than traditional methods, carbon fiber tank wrapping uses high-performance polymers and cutting-edge carbon fiber technology to restore the integrity of a tank, as well as repair, rebuild, and reinforce. The benefits of a carbon fiber wrap are:

  • It requires no heat
  • Ultra-high tensile strength
  • Extraordinary adhesion
  • Safe and simple to use
  • No special tools required
  • Minimal excavation and clearance space needed
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures (-20F to 180F)
  • Compatible with carbon, stainless, alloys, PVC, fiberglass 
  • Fast-curing, with no VOCs
  • Plus, it aims to eliminate the need for costly replacements

For help navigating which carbon fiber wrap system is right for your tanks, contact our experts today.