OTR Tankers in Ohio

When one considers a highly corrosive environment, the inside of a tanker truck makes a strong case for being one of the most extreme out there. Most OTR tanks are constructed of stainless steel or lined with fiber glass. To carry aggressive cargoes, the OTR tanks should be lined for added corrosion protection.

If an annual inspection or quarterly inspection shows that your tanker lining is failing, or has a hole, leak, or spill, address it quickly by repairing, reinforcing, or replacing your tanker lining. We can keep your tankers from needing to be replaced and drastically reduce the amount of long-term maintenance needed if the right type of coating is applied. 

Keep your tankers on the road and keep making money.
We can perform the upkeep on your tankers in your shop, or ours, and can offer:

  • Repairs to your corrosion barriers
  • Replacement of linings
  • Application of linings (if you have a steel tanker)
  • Replacement of FRP lining (if you have a fiberglass lined tanker)

At RAK, we’re able to reduce downtime with our specialized heating and handling equipment for OTR tanker linings and coatings. We have the capabilities to be a one-stop solution for OTR trucks, and have the manpower needed to disassemble and assemble the tanks back with leak testing capabilities and corrosion resistance.

We can match the lining requirements to the potential cargoes of the road tanker barrel. Get in touch with us today to discuss further.

FRP Linings

Chemicals can be highly corrosive to metal storage tanks, with the corrosion potentially resulting in expensive or damaging leaks. In fact, the average corrosion rate of some carbon-steel storage tanks can be more than 1 million per year (for tanks at ambient temperatures), with leaks developing in as little as five years’ time.

If an above-ground tank bottom is corroding, it must either be replaced or coated with a thick-film, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) lining. Thick-film FRP linings are considered secondary bottoms that are bonded tightly to the storage tank. When properly selected and applied, they prevent leakage due to internal corrosion for 10 to 20 years.

Corrosion Resistance
FRP linings are far more heat and corrosion resistant than other tank liners due to the polymer that is used, as well as the lining being improved by the fibers that are added to the mix.

Minimized Downtime
FRP liners can be installed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with little to no downtime for your plant.

FRP liners can be shaped and molded to practically any size or shape, including pipes.

Added weight could cause tanks to crack over time, but with a lightweight tank lining, that added stress is no longer a factor.

To determine if a FRP lining is right for your tank, contact our experts today.