Concentrated Acid Line and Tank Repair

Your piping systems that are attached to your tanks, or that are running throughout your facility, are at risk for acid leaks. Whether those leaks occur at the flanges or as open wall leaks, dripping acid could cause insurmountable damage. 

Corrosion is ultimately the gradual destruction of materials and their properties due to a reaction with their environment or a chemical within that environment. Effected materials include metals, plastics, and other materials that are at odds with chemical compounds. Corrosion leads to materials and structures being degraded in terms of strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids—all of which could ultimately hurt your business.

As a corrosive, acid has the potential to damage very quickly, even with just short term exposure. That level of damage could render a tank beyond use, resulting in not just downtime but thousands of dollars lost. 

At RAK, we work with finishing mills, chemical plants, and large industrial operations that utilize acid to proactively and efficiently repair acid leaks before they become a detrimental issue. Our approach is specific to whatever concentrated chemical you use. We will provide soak data on the specific resin we recommend for the repair, so you will know exactly how the coating will hold up against the acids in your tanks. Each system will be specifically designed for the concentration level and temperature that your chemicals operate in.

We will work with you to stop a leak quickly all while abiding by the safety measures needed. Whether its a permanent repair or a temporary repair until you’re able to address a widespread outage, we’re able to offer:

  • Chemical resistant coatings
  • Carbon fiber repairs
  • Gasket replacement on acid lines
  • Leak repair
  • Fume exhaust duct repair and replacement with FRP

If you notice a failed lining system during an outage, or if testing reveals a deterioration of wall thickness in your tanks, call RAK for your acid line and tank repairs. If you notice significant wall loss or pitting where acid has come into contact with steel, address the issue NOW by calling RAK for a repair that won’t cost you any downtime.

We will also work with you to establish a preventative maintenance plan to ensure optimum material integrity and avoid costly emergencies.