Smokestack and Chimney Strengthening

Strengthening smokestacks and chimneys with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) leads to significant savings in time and materials. The carbon fiber gets applied like wallpaper, making for efficient and flexible installation and the strength of the carbon fiber will reach three times that of steel. 

Strengthening smokestacks and chimneys is often required due to required structural or environmental modification. For example, the US government has mandated many industrial plants to install a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (“SCR Scrubber System”) to reduce their harmful emissions. This system requires cutting an opening in the side of the smokestack techniques. 

Additionally, corrosion is a major factor contributing to smokestacks and chimney failure. At RAK, we’re able to repair and strengthen an industrial smokestack or chimney due to corrosion of reinforced steel, as well as a general deterioration of materials.