About RAK

RAK Industrial Services

The Corrosion Control Division of Atlas Industries was founded in 1972, by Clint Reph and Bill Baer. Corrosion Control started as an industrial coatings and urethane foam insulation company, servicing many industrial clients. The company worked in the steel industry, power generation, water treatment industry, and chemical processing industry. During this time, Clint developed a proprietary process of repairing on-line leaks on process piping, ducting, and tanks. This quickly became very popular amongst Corrosion Control’s various industrial clients, as it would avoid costly downtime of having to shut critical systems down for repair.  The process is to stop a leak on-line, by proprietary methods, and then reinforce it with a composite laminate system. This leak repair method grew primarily in the steel industry but also is used at most of RAK’s customer facilities.

In 1985, Atlas Industries sold Corrosion Control to Clint Reph and it became RAK Corrosion Control, a new company with the same people and leadership. Guy Reph, Clint’s son, started working for Corrosion Control in 1976. Clint retired in 1991 and Guy took over the reins as president of the company. Guy further grew the leak repair side of the business, while continuing to service RAK’s industrial coatings clients. Guy and his wife, Tari, ran the company until 2018, when it was sold to the third-generation owner and their son, Chris Reph who began working for the company in 2002.

Today, RAK has re-branded into RAK Industrial Services and is growing! While still providing excellent service to its core customers, RAK is expanding product lines and taking on new geographical locations. Through this growth, RAK is still committed to ensuring our work is done safely and we are providing excellent value to our customers. RAK’s diverse leadership team is providing stability while we guide the company into the future!