Concrete Tank Repair

RAK uses proven concrete repair/lining products to both new and in-service concrete tanks and structures.

Concrete tanks used for potable water, fire treatment, and wastewater processing are not naturally waterproof. So you need a solution you can rely on to ensure your tanks are safe, secure, stable, and leak-resistant. Whether you need a non-soluble product that seamlessly adheres to a substrate or an exterior sealant, it’s imperative that it’s prepared and applied professionally and properly to avoid failure or leaks. At RAK, we assess each individual tank and need to determine what approach will work best.

Additionally, we will work to treat joints in concrete structures, as they are natural conduits for liquid migration and leaks. We will waterproof industrial and commercial concrete tanks to help mitigate possible structural damage and failures due to serious leaks.

Whether your tank has a specific issue or you just need to schedule a routine inspection to meet regulatory requirements, our team will start with a thorough evaluation of your tank. Once the inspection is complete, we analyze the findings and present them in a comprehensive maintenance plan. This work includes: 

  • Complete Structural Evaluation
  • Coating Evaluations
  • Condition Assessment Report

To schedule a time to talk with one of our maintenance engineers, contact us today.