Plural Component Coatings in Ohio

Plural component coatings are becoming more popular in the industrial coatings industry because of their ability to provide superior protection for a range of substrates, like storage tanks and pipelines. Plural component coatings offer many benefits that tend to outweigh their slightly more cumbersome application process.

Plural component coatings are made up of separate elements that aren’t mixed until moments before they are applied. Element A and Element B of the coating system are heated separately to reduce their viscosity. Once the desired temperature and viscosity are reached, the components are sent toward a spray gun in the desired proportion, known as the flow rate. Only immediately before reaching the gun, moments before being sprayed, are the components mixed together. Because the components dry so quickly once mixed, applicators have only seconds to get the system from the mixing block onto the substrate.

Plural component coatings are a great choice because of their:

  • Quick cure time
  • High film builds
  • Long service life
  • Low output of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Quick turnaround time

The ideal industries for plural component systems are wastewater treatment facilities and chemical or manufacturing facilities. Plural components can be applied to anything from concrete secondary containment linings to steel tanks for water treatment.