Piping Repair vs. Replacement: Is Repair Better?

Each year, the US loses an estimated 13 million metric tons of gas to leaks. That’s enough gas to fuel 10 million homes.

Ensuring that gas line piping is in good shape is the best way to avoid wasteful leaks. Generally, there are two ways to do so: piping repair and replacement. The main question, of course, is which of the two is the better measure. 

Is repairing better than replacing it? That depends on a few factors. Here are some of those factors.

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Whether or Not the Piping Material Is Outdated

If the pumping material in your plant is fairly recent, then repairing a pumping problem sounds like the better choice. However, in cases where you’re dealing with plumbing pipes that are decades old, it may be better to replace them altogether.

Outdated piping is not only inefficient but also prone to breaking. Repairing such piping does not provide a permanent solution to the problems you face. In this case, it’s best to replace the piping altogether. 

Next time you have a damaged pipe, find out what material your pipes are made of. If it turns out the material isn’t safe, consider replacing the entire pipe and selecting piping materials that are better this time.

Frequency of the Piping Problems

Another way to tell when to replace equipment is to look at how frequently repair problems occur. A single leak that you’ve never encountered before in your plant is one thing. But if you constantly have to deal with leaks every month, then you have a huge problem.

Keep track of how often you have to stop operations in your plant to repair a gas line pipe or some other piping fixture. Once it becomes clear that you have to deal with the same issue at least five times a year, it may be better to replace the piping altogether.

How Long Will the Solution Last?

Sometimes, a repaired fixture will not bother you again for a while. But it’s still smart to consider whether the entire piping system is at the end of its life. 

The fact is, even the toughest plumbing fixtures have a finite lifespan. If your overall piping system is already succumbing to its age, it may be a better solution to replace the system instead of spending money on repairs if you’ll still have to do a replacement in a year or so.

Conversely, if you’re dealing with a piping system that’s still got several years remaining before the end of its lifespan, it makes more sense to repair it.

Know How to Choose Between Piping Repair and Replacement

There are lots of piping problems in your plant that you can fix through piping repair. But there are situations when repair just won’t work and replacement is the better approach. Knowing how to tell which of the two solutions to choose can help save you a lot of headaches down the road. 

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