How a Hot Tapping Machine Fixes Problems With No Downtime

All pipelines and piping systems require maintenance and repairs at some point, but how can you afford to stop your business operations whilst the work is undertaken? You probably can’t and the good news is that you don’t have to!

A hot tapping machine can solve all the issues that you are having by enabling you to carry out the hot tapping procedure? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, keep reading to find out what a hot tapping machine is and learn how it is the right solution for you.

What Is Hot Tapping?

Hot tapping is a repair method in which a branch connection or valve can get attached to the exterior of an operational pipeline. A pipeline is able to get modified and maintained appropriately with no disruption to business operations.

What Is a Hot Tapping Procedure?

There are several steps to a hot tapping procedure. They can get broken down into more simplified instructions so they can be better understood.


A suitable hot tapping fitting gets connected onto an existing, operational pipeline. Fittings can get welded, bolted, or bonded to a line before a valve gets installed.

Hot Tapping Machine

The hot tapping machine is then installed. This gets done through the permanent valve that already exists and helps with the pressure cut.

Perform the Hot Tap

A coupon gets cut from the pipeline by use of the open valve. The coupon gets kept for removal following hot tap operation. The coupon is then extracted through the valve and the valve gets shut.


The hot tapping machine gets removed before a branch pipeline gets added. Oxygen is then released following the opening of the valve, and the new connection gets put into operation.

Benefits of Hot Tapping

There are several advantages to carrying out the hot tapping procedure. Each should be carefully considered before the decision to carry out a hot tapping procedure gets made.

No Shutdown Required

One major benefit of the hot tapping procedure is that all work can get carried out whilst your pipelines and piping systems remain in operation. With no shutdown necessary, your business can continue to operate as usual with no disruptions to daily work. 


With your business still being operational, you are not set to lose out on any revenue. You will not have to operate at a loss whilst repairs get carried out and can let business carry on as usual.


Hot tapping equipment is versatile. It is likely that you will have no trouble finding the correct hot tapping machine for your business. With no need for alterations and vast availability, your problems will be easily solved.

Important Considerations

Whilst there are many benefits to the hot tapping procedure, there are also some vital factors to consider. The decision to carry out such a procedure should not get taken lightly. 


As pipes and systems remain in operation, the correct risk assessments must get undertaken before work can get carried out. It is not a job for novices as there are many things that have to get considered to ensure the safety of all involved.

Configurations and Conditions

It cannot just get decided that such a procedure can get carried out. System configurations and environmental conditions must get analyzed to ensure that hot tapping is the correct procedure and that it can get done safely.

Industry Regulations

There are existing regulatory requirements that must get met. These are vital for consideration to ensure that the work carried out is lawful and responsible.

Let Us Help

If you agree that a hot tapping machine is a perfect solution to all your woes, then contact us today. We have qualified experts available to inform you about the hot tapping procedure more, and we have the ability to offer you a great service whilst ensuring that everything gets done correctly.

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