Your Complete Guide to Corrosion Services

If you run a factory, you understand the necessity of clean and well-maintained pipes. In every factory and industrial system, particular threats exist that can cause harm to your system integrity. One of the most common threats is corrosion.

Corrosion happens as metals interact with other substances in their environment. In most cases, it happens because of prolonged water exposure or electrical phenomena. When this occurs in your system, it can cause several defects.

That’s why you need corrosion services. A corrosion company uses several methods to help prevent corrosion from happening or manage existing corrosion. Learn more about these systems in the guide below.

Methods of Corrosion Control

There are four standard methods for controlling and protecting against corrosion. These four strategies use:

  • materials that resist corrosion
  • protective coatings
  • cathodic protection
  • inhibitors for corrosion

Most companies utilize two or more methods to prevent corrosion from growing out of control. When a facility first undergoes the design process, the designers should already have ideas for managing corrosion.

So, what factors should affect your methods? The corrosion-mitigating strategies you choose should consider the materials you use, specific configurations, and the types of corrosion that could most likely form.

Using Materials that Resist Corrosion

When considering this option, remember that no material can completely resist corrosion. In the right environment, any material can corrode.

So, you must choose materials that can resist corrosion in the environment where you’ll build the facility. Corrosion control services can help you identify the best materials for your area.

Corrosion Services Using Protective Coatings

The most prominent method for fighting corrosion is the use of protective coatings. These coats act as a wall between environmental factors that could cause corrosion and vulnerable surfaces. 

However, protective coatings have their limits. They can never offer complete protection to any surface.

Because of this, it’s often best to combine protective coatings with other measures. The measures you choose will depend on the circumstances. For example, if your facility already has corrosive buildup, you may need to use composite repairs

Cathodic Protection for Corrosion

Another helpful solution to corrosion is the use of cathodic protection. This method disrupts electrochemical cells that naturally cause corrosion.

One of the most popular uses for cathodic protection is for surfaces that remain immersed in water or exposed to oil. There are multiple ways to use cathodic protection, each aimed at protecting against different threats. Find the best method for your environment and see how it works!

Corrosion Control Services

The final and least common approach to mitigating corrosion is manipulating the environment. If you use corrosion inhibitors to modify the environment surrounding your facility, you can prevent corrosive buildups. It helps target the source of corrosion rather than side effects.

Find the Corrosion Services You Need!

If your facility currently faces a corrosion problem, any of these methods can help restrain or remove it. All you have to do is find the corrosion services you need to tackle the problem.

Start by contacting us! We have a long track record of helping industrial facilities remain in top shape. Contact us today to learn more!


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