Why a Plant Manager Should Prioritize Steam Leak Repairs

A steam leak can increase your plant’s costs by up to $8,000 a year

Steam leaks can be devastating to industrial plants. Not only can they drive up operating expenses needlessly, but they can also be dangerous to your employees and your equipment. 

As a plant manager, you need to prioritize leak repairs early to avoid unnecessary risk in steam-based plant operations. 

We have created the complete guide on how you can detect steam leaks early, prioritize repairs, and keep your industrial production running smoothly.

How to Identify Steam Leaks?

The first step in this process is to identify possible steam leaks. As an industrial production manager, you should do a steam trap survey. This will help highlight vulnerabilities. 

Other common warning signs of steam leaks include having a hotter than normal water boiler room and being unable to maintain a normal boiler operating pressure.

Having a low percentage of condensate return and using poor fitting steam traps can be an indicator that a steam leak is likely to occur. 

What Causes Steam Leaks and How to Repair them? 

There are a variety of factors that can cause steam leaks. Knowing the exact cause will help you choose the best repair method. Carbonic acid can cause serious corrosion of the steam system, leading to places where leaks can happen. 

Expansion of the piping due to extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause a steam leak. 

Poor inspection protocols is often an overlooked factor in steam leaks. As a plant manager, you need to ensure that you have proactive inspections of all valves, pipes, and other materials to make sure they are in good condition.

Preventing Steam Leaks in the Future

Your plant can take several steps to prevent steam leaks from happening in the future. Replace corroded pipes with higher quality stainless to prevent corrosion. To repair steam leaks that are caused by expansion, using welded or tube-type connections can help prevent future leaks.  

There is another step that a plant manager should take after repairing the initial leak. It is advisable to reinforce the leak repair with a composite laminate system so the odds of another steam leak is slim. 

On-line leak repair means repairing a leak in a way where critical infrastructure can continue running. This prevents costly downtime and allows you to continue to meet production metrics. 

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Steam leaks can be a costly and dangerous event to your industrial plant. By repairing leaks early and in a timely fashion, you can keep your critical systems up and running. 

If you are looking to prioritize steam leak repairs, reach out to us here at RAK Industrial Service Inc. Our highly specialized team can help your plant identify and repair steam leaks before they end up costing you. 

If you are based in the Ohio area, our team can also help provide you with repairs during emergencies. 

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