What it’s Like to Work at RAK

We work hard at RAK Industrial Services. Our customers lose money when they experience extreme downtimes, and experience emergency leaks that have to be addressed quickly. That’s why we have a business model that’s built on responsiveness and flexibility—and that’s one of the first things you’ll notice about us when you join our team. You’ll also notice just how much we value our employees. We know that in order to maintain our quick pace and flexible structure, our employees must be taken care of and have a healthy work/life balance.

A day in the life of a field team member

Every single day, and every single hour, is different for an employee in the field.

At RAK, we have folks in the office who are selling jobs or coordinating them with customers. Those administrative employees then coordinate with the foreman, who then schedules the field team. In an ideal scenario, our field team starts their day with a set schedule and completes their day with that same schedule. But in our line of work, that’s not always the case.

Emergencies pop up and those calls will take priority over jobs that a technician may be working on. That’s why it’s so important for our technicians to adopt an attitude of flexibility and to quickly shift gears to the most urgent job at hand.

Our technicians will spend their days traveling from jobsite to jobsite, which could take them further from home than a day trip.

If you are a person who thrives on change and prefers to move around rather than stay in one place, RAK may be the place for you.

Our technicians begin as apprentices. At the completion of a four year apprenticeship, our technicians are then eligible to level up to a foreman or supervisor role.

Employees who are consistent and proactive, and who are able to work independently are the ones who will thrive at RAK. 

RAK Industrial Services’ Company Culture

In order for our business to be successful, every single team member must work together as a team. That type of team mentality breeds a familial spirit within RAK. We have an incredibly high employee retention rate, so employees get to know each other well throughout the years and that helps them work together even better.

Because our employees become so familiar with each other, we have a pretty informal culture. We don’t believe in taking ourselves too seriously—you won’t see anyone showing up in a suit—we simply believe in working hard and helping each other succeed.

When you work at RAK, you’ll learn that the leadership team does not micromanage. We trust that you are the expert in your job (that’s why we hired you!), and we know you’ll get the job done efficiently and on-time. Because of that, we don’t implement strict schedules and let our team simply work until the job is done.

Of course, instances will happen when the job doesn’t get done, or a mistake happens along the way. Nobody is perfect. When that does happen, our leadership takes the approach of letting employees problem solve on their own, and then offer backup support and guidance to ensure the mistake doesn’t get repeated.

We are a results-oriented company, and will put a structure in place that allows our employees to succeed.

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