What Is an On-Line Leak Repair?

Leak repair is something you may not know much about, but it is very important when it comes to operating any type of plant. Being able to maintain effective corrosion management without shutting down helps keep many plant operations flowing without downtime.

What is an on-line leak repair? There are some on-line leak repair basics. Here is what you need to know.

Leak Repair

On-Line leak repair is sealing or repairing a leak or site that is about to leak, without having to shut down the plant. All the work gets done while the plant is still in operation. 

On-line leak repair basics can be described as using a part that is already made to make a dip or cavity that will contain the leak. A sealant is then injected into the cavity to seal up the leak. This repair is temporary and will keep the plant from shutting down. It allows time for permanent repairs to be planned out. 

This kind of on-line leak repair can work on any type of plastic or metal. It stops the leak while keeping important systems running. Once the leak gets fixed, the area is wrapped with a Composite Repair System to make the repair last longer and guarantee that it is sealed

Reduces Downtime

For any type of plant, unscheduled downtime can be costly. It creates schedule delays and production losses. You may need expensive parts that are not on hand and tasks that are usually scheduled can often become organized chaos if you are not careful.

We have 8,760 hours in a year and most plants what to operate for the majority of those hours, often having three working shifts to do this. Plant managers don’t want to send employees home or pay them for sitting around not doing their usual jobs. 

We offer emergency service to keep your plant running, avoiding costly downtime. Our goal is to provide safe on-line leak repair with no accidents. With this type of leak repair, you need a company with experience and top-notch safety training

Keeping It Safe

Any pipe or tank that gets used heavily is always at risk of leaking. When this happens it needs to be fixed fast and in a safe manner. 

Contents are often under pressure or contain hazardous materials. This is important to know when hiring a company for on-line leak repair. An experienced company will know what kind of PPE to use and how to work on the leak without taking the entire line out of production. 

The equipment has to be secure and the right materials have to be used. This is because the materials have to be able to handle the demands of the pipe or tank the leak sprung from. 

Safety training and goals of zero accidents are a must when hiring a company for on-line leak repair. We have you covered for all types of corrosion management. Call us today and find out how we can help keep your plant running. 


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