What Does the Repair of Corroded Concrete Involve? A Guide

The earliest known use of concrete was in areas of Syria and Jordin around the year 6500BC. People have been building with concrete for over 8000 years, and it’s not disappearing any time soon.

This doesn’t mean to say it is indestructible. Like any building material, it is subject to damage in a number of ways. 

Corrosion occurs over time. It is important to repair corroded concrete to prevent it from leading to further, more significant issues.

To find out how to do this properly, keep reading.

What Is Corrosion?

Corrosion occurs in concrete with the presence of certain liquids or gases. These can cause a reaction with the concrete and cause it to deteriorate or disintegrate.

This is a slow process, but with time can cause significant amounts of damage. 

Proper protection ensures the best possible protection which will stand the tests of time. This avoids the need for maintenance, and therefore further costs, down the line.

Concrete Corrosion can lead to major issues causing major physical damage. As damage gets worse, the cost of repairs can increase significantly.

Corroded Concrete Prevention?

Concrete tanks are not naturally waterproof, but as they are exposed to liquids it is essential that they are protected. This can mean protection from water, fire, or various chemicals.

RAK Industrial Services offer a wide range of lining solutions for several industries. The process used by RAK makes it possible to determine the best solution for each individual case.

This ensures the best possible protection which will stand the tests of time, avoiding the need for maintenance, and therefore further costs, down the line.

It is a lot cheaper to make sure all products are of a high standard initially by implementing the proper protection. Damage and maintenance can become incredibly expensive, and lead to productivity and safety issues in certain circumstances. 

RAK has a number of preventative solutions available:

  • Elastomeric epoxy coatings
  • Flexible containment linings
  • Carbon fiber reinforced coatings and linings

How to Repair Damage

Measures should be taken to prevent and significant issues, but protection isn’t always 100% effective, and major damage can always occur.

When this happens it is important to repair the damage correctly to prevent the same thing from happening again.

RAK offers concrete repair services. Using a process that involves comprehensive evaluations and reports, the best solution can be presented to you in detail.

It is possible to use a non-soluble product that can adhere to the tank, or alternatively, an exterior sealant. The form of protection used depends on the purpose of the tank and its current state.

What Do You Need?

It is possible that you already know the sort of service you need, be it a preventative measure or repair to a damaged item.

If not, that’s no problem. Corroded concrete can be a complicated subject, but the team at RAK Industrial Services is ready to help solve any problems you might have. Get in touch and let us know what we can do for you.

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