The Cost of Storage Tank Repairs

A leak in your storage tank will cost you money, but will it be more expensive than paying for the necessary repairs? Can you pretend it’s not there if it’s small enough?

You don’t want to make this mistake. 

A leak in your water tank or propane tank won’t just cost you a lot financially in the long run, it can also put your health and safety at risk. It’s always better to spend the money on repairs to ensure you or your property stay out of harm’s way. 

Keep reading below to learn how much you can expect to pay when it comes to storage tank repairs. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Storage Tank Leak?

It’s difficult to put an exact price tag on this type of job. It all depends on the type of tank you have and how it’s damaged. 

For example, you can probably patch a small leak with a water weld (or a similar method). However, for large cracks, dents, or other problems, you might have to replace the entire tank. This can be much more expensive. 

The average cost of a water tank replacement is about $2,000 to $2,500. This price, though, can get much higher (or lower) based on the specifics of your circumstances. 

Here are a few factors that can impact the end price. 

Tank Size 

Larger tanks are more expensive to replace. Even if you just need to fix a leak, it can be harder to reach the damaged area if the tank is tall. Because of this, you should expect to pay more money if you have a big propane tank. 

Type of Tank 

Do you have a double-wall construction tank? Since that tank type is of higher quality than other alternatives, it costs more money to repair or replace. 

The price of repairs can also go up if your tank is buried underground. Before you can even reach the tank, you’ll have to dig it back out of the dirt, which can require excavation equipment. Above-ground tanks will save you money when it comes to repairs. 



Step outside and take a look at the amount of space around your storage tank. If there are a lot of structures or large plants nearby, it will be harder for the professionals to work on it. Because of this, they may need special tools, and they’ll likely charge more for labor. 

Booster Pump 

Some tanks, especially larger models, require a booster pump to increase the interior pressure and improve the flow of the water or fuel. If you’re replacing your tank and need one of these pumps, you should plan for an extra cost. 

Who You Hire and Where You Live

Every company charges its own rates for storage tank repairs and replacement. It’s a good idea to shop around to ensure you get the best price for your budget. The city where you live can also impact the final cost as some places have higher labor rates than others. 

The Best Way to Repair Your Water or Propane Tank 

Do you need help repairing your storage tank? Don’t wait to get in touch with our team at RAK Industrial Services Inc. We’ll take a look at your tank and make sure we get it working again as soon as possible. 


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