The Best Coatings to Use for Tank Repairs

In the past decade and a half, the United States Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency enacted new standards on diesel. This resulted in unintended consequences like tank corrosion.

If you have an underground diesel storage tank for your business or own a diesel-fueled car, you may have to perform tank repairs in the near future.

To do the best repairs, you have to have the best coatings. The next time you need to repair your tank, give these coatings a try.

What Causes Tanks to Corrode?

The answer is water. Condensation inside the tank rusts the metal lining resulting in a leak. With the traditional diesel fuel of the past, underground tanks disintegrated thanks to increased water levels.

As the U.S. government mandates the blend of biodiesel into petroleum diesel, corrosion happens at a much faster rate. It’s thought that decreased sulfur levels in this new blended diesel result in bacteria growth that eats at the storage tanks.

Because of this, tank repair solutions are more important than ever.

Tank Repair Using Coatings

There are several coatings you should consider for tank repair. To protect against chemical corrosion, Kynar® Coating presents itself as a cost-effective solution.

Kynar® Coating is a sunlight and UV-resistant polymer made to withstand corrosive chemical compounds. Its primary use is to safeguard the smaller parts of a tank but can serve as a coating for any tank.

Halar®ECTFE Coating is another great option for tank coating. This coating is a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene that’s best suited for preventing chlorine tank corrosion.

For your diesel automobile tank, KBS Coatings Tank Sealer is one of the best coatings money can buy. This tank sealer formulated to prevent rust in diesel tanks is ethanol and biodiesel resistant.

Tank Repair Linings

Another option for industrial or personal tank repair is tank lining. Tank linings tend to work better for water tank repairs, whereas coatings perform best for chemical and fuel tanks.

Epoxy resin tank linings are waterproof, chemical resistant linings. They provide flexible repair options thanks to their ability to be a solid and a liquid.

Though for water tanks, cementitious tank liners often work best. These linings can be blended with epoxy and other polymers for added corrosion protection.

Vinyl Ester storage tank liners provide the best chemical resistance of all tank liners. Aside from its chemical-resistant properties, this vinyl resin is also waterproof and provides superior adhesion to fiberglass.

Leaking Tank Repairs

A leaking industrial tank or automobile tank can be a costly, laborious fix. Leaking chemicals or fuel underground results in production delays and massive environmental catastrophe.

To make sure you don’t experience tank corrosion, you need to coat or line all your tanks with a chemical sealant. Rust, corrosion, and leaks are the ever-present enemy of industry and production. 

If you need industrial tank repairs or professional coating solutions, contact us today. We’re here to keep your business running.

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