Steam Leak Repair: How To Stop a Steam Leak

Leaks may seem like a common occurrence that could happen to any plant, but the fallout can be severe. Last November, a leak shut down a plant in South Carolina for weeks. 

If a plant has to shut down due to a leak, this causes energy loss, production issues, and safety concerns.  This is why plant managers need to know about steam leak repair. Keep reading to find out how this problem can get solved, and in many cases, work can continue as planned.

Steam Leak Repair

Steam leaks can have different causes. Carbonic acid deterioration, pipe connection issues, and bad valves are the most frequent causes of steam leaks.  These are not uncommon but any of them can cause a plant to shut down if not handled fast, resulting in millions of dollars worth of lost energy.

Full-service steam leak repair companies know how to fix these situations. The repairs can be on metal or plastic. Even better, they can help avoid expensive downtime by keeping mission-critical systems operating.  

Once the leak gets repaired, a material is prepared and wrapped with a Composite Repair System that guarantees the leak is sealed and extends service life. Online steam leak repair is another of our specialty services and we use various sealants and clamps to get the job done. Now leaks can get repaired without shutting down equipment, thus keeping the plant running and employees working. 

Safety in Mind

One of the biggest concerns with steam leaks is safety. The steam is hot and can cause severe burns or in a worse case, death. Steam leaks are not always audible. Sometimes they are silent which means you may not hear what you are walking into. 

Any kind of leak is a warning that something is wrong. If not approached in the right way, things will go wrong fast, and a high-pressure leak could be invisible and cause cuts or burns known as cauterization. 

Our goal is to have zero accidents. We are committed to safety being our number one priority. Our employees go through vigorous training in their first year of employment, which sets us apart from other steam leak repair companies. 

We keep our teams safe by providing company-specific training. This starts with our management and extends to every level of our company.

Saving Plants Money

With steam leak repair, the faster it gets fixed the less money that gets spent. Steam lost is energy lost, which equals money lost. 

If a plant has to shut down, this adds to the cost because now production is at a standstill. Most plants are operational 24 hours a day. This could end up costing millions of dollars for the plant. 

This is why you need to get the leak fixed fast. We offer 24 hour service so that your problem gets handled right away and fixed right the first time. Contact us today for your steam leak repair!


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