Repair or Replace: What Should You Do With Leaking Storage Tanks?

Do you need to reline or repair a leaky water/oil storage tank, or is it time to replace your leaky storage tank instead? Deciding whether you need to replace or repair a leaky storage tank can be tricky. It’s especially when it’s your first time considering between these choices.

In the guide, we’ll discuss whether you should repair or replace your leaky storage tank. Read on and find out more:

When to Repair and Benefits of Repairing Your Tank

Consider your budget before deciding whether to repair or replace your tank. One of the top reasons to repair your tank is the lower price. This cost-effective choice allows you to focus your budget on leak repairs and other more important things.

The average range of replacing a fuel or water storage tank is between $1,607 and $2,655. Plus, if your storage tank leaked underground, consider the cleanup costs. Again, the range for this is $10,000 to over a million dollars for one tank, with an average of $130,000.

Repairing is a faster alternative to buying and installing a new tank. You can keep your business operations going if you select this option. Invest in applying custom tank lining to reduce ingress.

When to Replace and Benefits of Replacing Your Storage Tanks

If your tank has been in your company for many decades, consider replacing it. Some older storage tanks won’t have the same inner tank coating found in new models. It’s what makes it difficult to reline them.

They may harbor infections and diseases like Legionnaires’ bacteria or Pseudomonas.

Also, check the tank’s interior and exterior for rust. If you find some, it’s time for a replacement tank. The same applies if the oil fuel tank leaks too much.

If you’re replacing your fuel tank, consider your business consumption habits. Also, think about your preferred tank location. For example, do you want it to be above ground, underground, outside, or inside the house?

Don’t forget to think about how the seasons and extreme weather could affect your storage tank.

Repair or Replace Your Storage Tanks: Which Is Better?

Water and oil storage tanks last for a long time. However, it’s better to replace the tank if it’s over two decades. Also, consider replacing the tank if you see signs of corrosion, whether it’s interior or exterior.

If you’re working with a limited budget, the cost of storage tank repairs is much lower. Consider repairing your storage tank if you can’t afford to stop business operations. Finally, if leaking and relining is the only issue with your tank, it’s smarter to reline it.

Find the Best Tank Solutions

Now, you know when to either repair or replace your water or oil storage tank if it starts leaking.

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