Problems we solve

At RAK Industrial Services, we provide on-line, live environment leak repair and sealing services.

RAK Industrial Services—Stopping On-Line Leaks

Our goal is to fix your problem—whatever it may be—without resorting to an expensive and disruptive shutdown of your production. To that end, we deploy a variety of advanced technologies, techniques, and methods, depending on the type and location of the leak and the specific characteristics of the faulty system or equipment.

No matter your problem, our team will strive to provide a fast, economical, and lasting solution.

Problems We Solve

At RAK, our team of professionals is highly skilled in engineering, design, fabrication, and installation, which enables us to consistently provide top-notch solutions and exceptional service to our customers. Whether we work with standard or custom products, we pride ourselves on delivering the best results in the industry.

Here are some of the common problems we solve for our clients.

Chemical Storage or Process Tanks

Our team can see whether your tanks adhere to the standards of API 653 while addressing common issues, such as:

  • Tank wall integrity
  • Chemical attack
  • Structural voids
  • Tank interior holes
  • Tank exterior holes
  • Abrasion
  • NSF 61 complications

Steel & Concrete Clarifiers

RAK can help with any of the following clarifier tank predicaments:

  • SWL
  • TWC
  • Chemical attack
  • Structural voids
  • Weir damage
  • Launder ring damage
  • Cracked walls & floors
  • Smalling walls & floors

Piping Systems

If your pipes aren’t working properly, it may be due to a fixable issue, such as:

  • Gas leaks
  • Liquid leaks
  • Steam leaks
  • Expansion joint leaks
  • SWL
  • TWC
  • Failing pipeline components
  • Failing valve components

Flanges & Valves

Flanges and valves play essential roles in piping systems. We can address the common problems that might be negatively impacting your piping system:

  • PCCC-2 complications
  • Steam leaks
  • Liquid leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Loose bolts

Secondary Containment & Underground Vaults

Whether you have a double-walled tank, dike, containment sump, or linear system, our team can fix any of the following concerns:

  • Chemical attack
  • Spalling concrete
  • Structural voids
  • Containment wall integrity
  • Containment floor integrity
  • Abrasion and impact

Blast Furnaces

Is your blast furnace offline? Our team can solve major concerns like:

  • Gas cleaning system corrosion
  • Abrasion & impact
  • Goggle valve leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Water leaks


Is your baghouse malfunctioning? We commonly service and fix several problems, including:

  • TWC
  • SWL
  • Baghouse interior holes
  • Baghouse exterior holes
  • Fugitive dust
  • Moisture permeation

Steel Structures

Have any of your steel structures been subjected to chemical attacks or atmospheric corrosion? RAK has a wealth of experience handling such safety hazards.


We have successfully handled large-scale bridge-related challenges, such as civil structural issues and spalling bridge pilings.

Chillers & Heat Exchangers

Whether it’s a chemical attack, tube sheet corrosion, SWL, or TWC, we have specialists who can service your chillers and heat exchangers.

Partner with RAK to Solve Your Problems

At RAK, our on-line leak repair and sealing services are a convenient and cost-effective solution for customers looking to repair steam and chemical leaks on valves, piping, and process equipment without having to shut down their operations.

Our team of professionals has the technical expertise to engineer, design, fabricate, and install standard and custom products to meet our customer’s needs, and surpass their expectations.