NSF 61 Certified: How Our Pipeline Repairs Keep You Compliant

All companies that distribute, manufacture, or sell drinking water in North America are required to comply with NSF/ANSI 61.

What is NSF/ANSI 61? Do you have to be NSF 61 certified or only NSF 61 compliant? What’s the difference?

If these questions are making you anxious, don’t worry. After reading, you will know what regulations are relevant to your business and how RAK Industrial Services Inc. can help you. 

What Is NSF/ANSI 61?

The National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) audits and tests public health standards around the world. They also provide training and consultations to help keep you informed about changing regulations.

The American National Standards Institute(ANSI) seeks to build up the United State’s global economy while maintaining high health standards.

NSF/ANSI 61 is a standard used to measure the level of contaminants that can transfer into drinking water, usually from a pipeline. This water treatment assures that the U.S. provides some of the safest drinking water in the world.

Do You Need to Be NSF 61 Certified?

Most likely not. You will need to be NSF 61 compliant if you sell, manufacture, or distribute drinking water in North America. Yes, this includes some areas in Canada.

What’s the Difference Between Certified and Compliant?

If a company has NSF 61 certification, this means a few things.

  • public health officials acknowledge the quality of the product
  • that company is allowed to use the NSF certification mark on its products

Compliancy means that a company adheres to the NSF/ANSI 61 standard. Keep in mind that even if your company operates outside of North America complying with NSF 61 regulation fulfills other countries’ safety requirements.

Certification Process

If you would like to be certified there is a straightforward process that will be followed. An NSF manager will help you through and overlook your certification.

  • submit an application
  • supply product use information
  • NSF manager reviews your submissions
  • samples taken
  • NSF performs testing on samples
  • evaluation is completed
  • certification is granted or denied 

Being certified is not complicated, but it’s also not easy. In addition to this initial process, random compliance tests are issued.

Failing any of these tests results in having a limited opportunity to fix the problem or removal of NSF certification.

There are some benefits that come from being certified. It proves to your clients that your product can be trusted. Your company will be allowed to use the NSF certification on your products.

Why Should You Trust Us? 

RAK Industrial Services Inc. has passed the certification process and continues to pass the intermittent product testing.

We are certified because of our dedication to safety. Whether your company is in need of repairs or updating to comply with changing regulations, we are certified to help.

Being certified demonstrates our ability to help you avoid potentially harmful situations. We do this by avoiding emergencies completely, not just fixing them after the fact.

Make Sure You Comply

By working with an NSF 61 certified company, you can rest easy knowing our products comply with health regulations.

No more worrying about lost productivity from low-quality products. With us, you know you’re getting the best.

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