How to Safely Repair Gas Line Leaks

Oxygen is an essential part of many industrial applications. You can use it to convert carbon to carbon dioxide gas in your steelwork or for enhancing thrust in missiles and rockets. 

Although it’s a useful material, an oxygen line leak can mean various problems for your company. Not only do you have to spend time and money to repair oxygen lines, but oxygen leaks can create a hazardous environment. 

Here is everything you need to know about oxygen line management and how to safely repair a leak. 

Dangers of Oxygen Line Leak

Any untended or unnoticed oxygen leaks can develop into very serious problems. Even though oxygen is a normal element in the air, oxygen lines pump a concentrated version of it. 

Pure oxygen can react with most elements it encounters. It can cause fires if coming into contact with sparks or ignite oil and grease. In an enclosed room, a leak could result in oxygen poisoning, which happens when the lungs are exposed to too much extra oxygen. 

There’s also the risk of excess oxygen interacting with your other chemical reactions and processes. 

Causes of Leaks

Oxygen lines are vulnerable to the same issues as other supply lines, such as corrosion. Depending on the project and location, you’ll want to use a certain type of industrial pipe materials.

For example, a below-ground pipe can use either cast iron or concrete due to its durability. Steel works best if you’re working with high temperatures or pressure. 

A non-detectable leak may occur due to a failure in the O-ring or some other similar component. These can be repaired during your routine maintenance. 

Much larger leaks that lead to a high oxygen emission rate can result from a broken valve or coupling. 

How to Repair Oxygen Lines

Before repairing an oxygen line with a major leak, always be sure to evacuate the area first and exhaust out any surplus oxygen in the air. Only then can the environment be safe enough to work in. 

Use a leak detecting spray or solution to find a leak in an oxygen line. Repair or replace leaking components as soon as you can, and remove damaged hose sections. 

In metal pipes, composite repairs can temporarily seal any cracks and prevent them from opening. Make sure to also keep all fittings free from contaminants, including oil and grease. 

If a leak persists, it may have a faulty connection that needs to be replaced.

Oxygen Line Management

Oxygen line leaks can prove to be a major disrupting force in your operations. At the least, you may end up with lower gas pressure than expected. At its worst, your whole operation could be compromised and made hazardous.

When in doubt, reach out to an expert for help. Rak Industrial Services can provide on-line leak repair as well as coatings and linings to help prevent future oxygen leaks. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business. 

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