How to Repair Concrete Cracks in Tanks and Structures

Are unsightly cracks dotting your concrete tanks? Are you worried these damages could hurt your professional credibility? Well, you should be worried about more than your reputation.

If you think your concrete structures are invincible, think again. Structural failures can have disastrous consequences. Yet, with better maintenance, you’ll rest easy knowing your tanks can take a beating. 

A lot of businesses skip out on concrete repair because of the prices, and this is a mistake. If concrete cracks are plaguing your tanks, then keep reading. This guide will tell you everything about how to repair concrete. 

To Start, You’ll Need to Drain The Tank

Unless you plan on investing in submersibles, the first step to take when repairing a concrete tank is training it. 

Even when the tank is empty, wait before you enter it. You need to make sure that there is breathable air inside of the concrete tank. This step is crucial, as lingering C02 is a serious health hazard

This step can be dangerous, so it’s a good idea to have someone wait outside of the tank in case you lose consciousness. 

Make Sure the Lining Is in Good Condition

If the lining in your tank is deteriorating, pollutants can enter and contaminate the contents. With this in mind, you may want to purchase replacement linings to save some time in the future. 

As time-consuming as this process can be, it’s best to do it now while the concrete repair is already underway. Additionally, it’s also a great idea to inspect for other cracks and damage that may be in the tank. 

Now It’s Time to Begin Repairs

Now that the prep is done you can officially begin the concrete tank repair process. The first step is to remove any unsecured pieces of concrete surrounding the crack. When this is done, use a power washer to make sure the area is completely clear of debris. 

You’re then going to need to apply an adhesive solution directly onto the cracks. After this, you’ll then mix and pour the hydraulic cement according to the producer’s directions. 

After giving the cement time to dry, it’s a good idea to give it another washing. 

Apply Your Lining Afterwards

If you purchased tank lining before repairing, now is the time to install it. Depending on the type of tank, the lining can be installed on either the interior or exterior.

When this is done, congratulations, you’ve successfully repaired your concrete tank! 

Learn How to Repair Concrete Today

Concrete cracks are more than unsightly blemishes. Left untreated, these damages can lead to serious structural failures. This doesn’t mean that you should admit defeat though. 

Learning how to repair concrete is the first step you can take to restore integrity to your tanks. The best part? You don’t have to go at it alone. 

If you’re constantly searching for “concrete repair near me,” don’t be afraid to contact us at RAK Industrial Services Inc. We have years of experience and all the tools you need to repair concrete! 

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