Everything You Need to Know about On-Line Leak Repair

Pipe leaks are no small issue. Depending on the chemicals or substances inside the piping, leaks are hazardous to the environment, they cost you in the long term, and they can be potentially deadly.

The thought of having to make a pipe repair brings up thoughts of halted production, loss of product, and wasted money. However, many professionals can make on-line leak repairs. These types of repairs don’t require you to shut down the pipeline, saving time and money.

If you notice a line leak in your piping, you must get in touch with certified professionals who can make the repairs quickly. If you want to understand the process better and what on-line leak repair entails, keep reading.

Leak Types and Repair Methods

There’s no one easy solution to a leak. There are numerous components to a pipeline, and leaks can occur in almost any area. That said, there are some common types of leaks, and therefore common repair methods.

Below are some of the most common leaks and the methods used to fix them.

Flange Leaks

You resolve a flange leak by designing and manufacturing a custom clamp which you fit around the flange. Sealant is then inserted between the flange and the clamp. This form of repair can endure under high levels of pressure and extreme temperatures.

Valve Packing Leaks

This method is relatively straightforward. You insert sealant into the valve’s stuffing box to repack and seal it.

Elbow or Fitting leaks

In the case of these leaks, a containment vessel is attached around the leak. The vessel is then filled with sealant to ensure the leak is stopped up. This can work as a temporary fix until other repairs are made, or you can weld it permanently to the system.

Weld Leaks

Weld leaks are like elbow and fitting leaks. They can be resolved by attaching a vessel and filling it with sealant.

Valve Kills

If a valve is not closing properly when in the “closed” position, you should use a valve kill. You insert sealant inserted into the valve seat to halt the flow.

Expansions Joints

Much like the other methods, you insert sealant to fill in expansion joints. This should fix the issue.

Why On-Line Leak Repairs?

The great thing about these methods is the ability to complete them while a system is online. There’s no need for a shutdown, which means no production halt, keeping you and your clients disruption-free. This in turn saves money in the long term.

These types of repairs are made on plenty of different systems. These types of repairs are often needed at places like steel plants, oil and natural gas pipelines, power and chemical plants, and many others.

Don’t Panic

Next time you need a line repair or come across a pipe leak, don’t panic. Qualified companies like Rak Industrial Services Inc. can resolve leak repairs quickly and save you money by avoiding shut downs through the use of on-line leak repair.

Contact us today, and one of our experts will help you with all your leak repair needs.

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