Emergency Gas Leak: What to Do

When an emergency gas leak strikes, it is imperative to act fast. In America, gas leaks kill hundreds of people every single year. Meanwhile, the material, legal, and reputational costs to your business that could result from a gas leak can be devastating.

That is why you need to have a comprehensive, straightforward emergency leak plan in place that everyone in your household or place of business understands. It is easy to avoid a gas leak, but not impossible. That’s why you should read this one-minute explainer to find out exactly what to do when a gas leak strikes. 

1. Detect an Emergency Gas Leak

The best way to prepare for a gas leak is to learn exactly how to detect a gas leak. You should have a gas leak detector (or several) installed in your home or place of business. If not, here is what you can do to determine whether you are dealing with a gas leak. 


Turn off all background noise where possible and listen carefully. If you can hear a whistling or hissing noise, it could be a gas leak. Remember, many gas leaks are silent, so a lack of noise does not necessarily mean there is no leak. 


If you are worried that the gas leak is in your home, head to your stove. If your stovetop burner gives off a blue flame where you turn it on, that means that there is enough gas in the air for it to combust. Get out immediately. 

Soapy Water Test

If you suspect that gas is escaping from a pipe or connector, you can conduct a simple test to confirm. Get a cup of water and add a teaspoon of dish soap. Apply the mixture to the suspected leak point and wait a few seconds. If bubbles begin to form, then gas is escaping from this point and you definitely have a leak. 

Remember, if you suspect a gas leak for any reason, you should leave your home until you can confirm that it is safe. 

2. React

If you think you have a gas leak on your hands, it is time to react. This is what you should do immediately:

  • Evacuate the entire premises and make sure everyone is out of the building.
  • Switch off your gas supply at the shutoff valve.
  • Do not touch any electrical switches, as the smallest spark could cause an explosion.
  • Open windows to let the gas out. 
  • Call a professional who can fix your line leak. 

3. Prevent a Future Gas Leak

In order to avoid a gas leak in the future, there are some very simple measures you can take. First, make sure to conduct routine maintenance on any appliances or machinery that uses gas. In addition, you should conduct repairs as soon as they arise and call a professional to fix gas line problems immediately.

Invest in a carbon monoxide alarm and make sure everyone in your household or place of business is clued up on gas leak safety so that you can fix a gas leak quickly in the future.

Specialist On-Line Leak Repair at Your Fingertips

If you have an emergency gas leak at your place of business or wish to prevent on in the future, you have come to the right place. At RAK, we offer quick, affordable, specialist on-line leak repair across Ohio. Get in touch today to see what we can do to keep you safe. 

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