Best Way to Repair a Water Line Without Disrupting Service

We all take our access to clean, safe tap water at home for granted. When something happens to our access to water, it feels like the end of the world. So what’s the best way to handle things when a water line needs repairs? 

If you’re in charge of a neighborhood waterline or have to repair a writer line on your property, the last thing you want to do is disrupt peoples’ access to their water. This is even more critical if you suspect that your repairs will take some time to complete.

Here’s an overview of how to repair a water line without inconveniencing everybody and making them mad at you.

Why Pipe Repair Can Be Challenging

Fixing water pipes can be messy and time-consuming. When done the old way, it can often involve digging up large volumes of dirt and moving stuff around to get to the pipeline in question. Digging itself is risky- every year, excavators hit buried power lines, which can be an expensive nightmare to fix. 

The mess isn’t limited to in-ground water lines, either. If you have a water line inside your home or building, making repairs can mean significant water shut-offs, broken walls, and long periods of inconvenience while the pipes get serviced. 

 If you run a business or like to have running water and a peaceful environment at home, getting this kind of work done in your space is probably the last thing you want. It’s noisy, messy, and seems to take forever.

While the developing world normally doesn’t have running water, most of us who live elsewhere take it for granted. Expect to hear a lot of complaining if you’re responsible for these types of repairs and they wind up taking more than a few hours.

How The Latest Pipe Repair Trends Save Time and Money

Fortunately, there’s a solution that means we don’t have to suffer for long due to a water line break. It’s possible to restore a piping system without tearing up the surrounding area, indoors or out. And you can even do it without shutting off the flow within the pipeline, which is even more amazing. 

This technique is composite repair, and it involves fixing water pipes from the inside. To explain it simply, a flexible sleeve slides into the pipe and rests over the area that needs repair. Then a hardener gets added and set, sealing the holes and creating an intact line. Pretty amazing, right?

The beauty of the process is that it happens internally. And this means that no destruction, or at least a very minimal amount, has to happen. 

Get That Water Line Fixed Fast, and Keep Everyone Happy

So now you know the secret to repairing a water line without causing yourself or a customer a ton of time and stress. Composite pipeline repair helps you avoid having to do expensive excavation work to get to the damage. This applies to all kinds of pipeline systems, from drinking water lines to industrial pipelines.

If you’d like to find out more about our work or need a quote for a water leak repair, we’d be happy to assist you. Our proprietary process allows us to fix line leaks without shutting things down and causing disruptions. We work in a variety of industries and can save you a lot of time and money, so contact us today!

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