Best Practices for Ensuring Construction Safety on Job Sites

There are about 11 million construction workers employed in the United States. Of those millions of people, about 36% experience on-the-job injuries and fatalities per year.

However, that number has the potential to be drastically decreased with construction safety training and tips. If supervisors want to protect their construction workers, they must utilize these safety measures during every project.

Want to know more about worker safety? If so, keep reading this brief guide! 


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provide several guidelines for worker safety protocols. Along with that, they recommend that all construction workers and supervisors undergo regular training sessions to ensure they know how to handle equipment and navigate the site.

At least once per year, enroll your workers in a safety training program to refresh their knowledge of proper protocols and educate them on any new guidelines. 


Lack of communication leaves room for error. Speak with your workers and express the necessity for direct verbal contact while on the job.

For instance, if someone is using a machine or performing a task, that person should alert everyone within the vicinity. At the start of the day, you want to gather your crew and have a group discussion.

Take this time to lay the groundwork for the day. You can set daily goals and achievements and take any questions your workers may have. That also creates a community and rapport between you and your employees. 

Manage Equipment

Faulty equipment can lead to disaster, even fatalities. If a machine is not up-to-date, it can malfunction while a worker is using it. Be sure to have a professional come out and inspect all of the machinery you have and use regularly.

Even if there is nothing wrong with it, it won’t hurt to have an inspection. There may be issues you did not notice. Once you note a problem with the equipment, you can schedule repairs. 


Never leave your workers unattended. If you act as a construction site supervisor, that means you must keep an eye on the entire project.

If someone is doing their job incorrectly, you can stop them before they experience injuries. Having an extra pair of eyes on everyone means you can pinpoint more flaws and mistakes. 


Not only do you want to ensure all workers sign the proper forms before heading out on-site, but you need to check certification. That means when you hire a worker, you must ask to see what qualifies them to perform difficult tasks like road construction or blasting services.

Hiring someone without the proper training and experience will lead to disaster down the road. Therefore, it is best to ask beforehand. 

For More on Construction Safety 

The tips above provide simple and effective measures to ensuring construction safety. Remember, you want to have clear guidelines and effective communication between your workers.

You also want to ensure all equipment is up-to-date and you follow OSHA guidelines. If you want to undergo safety training, look no further than Rak Industrial Services Inc.

We want to make sure that every worker makes it home to their families every day. That is why we offer training in several construction departments.

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