5 Ways to Prevent Concrete Cracks and Save Yourself Money

You’re decorating your new home that you moved into not too long ago – give or take a few weeks.

As you walk outside, you trip over a crack in the concrete. And your mood shifts.

You start thinking about all of the money you are going to lose when you have to fix that. That just means less money to decorate your new home.

Let’s go back in time to prevent the concrete cracks from ever happening. Here are five ways to save yourself some money by making sure you never need a concrete repair!

1. Spray It With Water

When you lay down concrete, the best way to make sure the foundation is laid correctly and doesn’t crack in the future is to keep it moist. The water needs to evaporate slowly to ensure that no cracks form.

For a few days after the concrete is poured, you should spray it with a hose a few times to day to slow down the quick evaporation process.

2. Create Control Joints to Reduce Concrete Cracks

Because concrete is laid on the earth where soil lies underneath, as the soil moves the concrete will eventually crack. To avoid a concrete crack, control joints are added to prevent unwanted cracks. Think about sidewalks — there are grooves about every three feet, which will prevent any unwanted cracks in the future.

Depending on the amount of concrete and thickness of the concrete, you will need the control joints at certain points. Make sure to do this research to do it right!

3. Mix With Just Enough Water

Obviously, when making concrete you need to have enough water. But if you add too much, well, that’s when the concrete weakens and there is more of a likelihood for cracks.

The consistency should be like oatmeal. A little chunky, but easily stirred.

4. Compact Underneath the Concrete

Before you lay the concrete down, you want to make sure that where you are placing it is compact and solid.

Imagine if you lay concrete on top of rocks – it’d be a bit rocky. To prevent this, make sure you add materials beneath it that will make sure it stays compact and level.

5. Add Steel Reinforcements

Concrete is a strong material on its own, but adding other reinforcements only makes it stronger and less likely to crack.

One of the best materials to add to reinforce it is steel. Many times this goes down in the form of a grid. Place this down before adding the concrete so that it is hidden once the concrete is set in place.

Need Concrete Repair?

By making sure your concrete has enough water, but not too much, adding reinforcements, and laying the groundwork first, you can avoid any unwanted concrete repairs down the road.

But, even if you take all of these steps you may need a few repairs here and there if your concrete cracks. Don’t fret, though. We have you covered.

Contact us today if you need any concrete repair services!

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