5 Ways Containment Coatings Prevent Steel Corrosion

Is steel corrosion impacting your business? Are you worried about this damaging your productivity, safety, and profits? Well, if you are your concerns are valid. 

Corroding steel can lead to structural damage, and impede safety. This means your employees will be at a higher risk of experiencing accidents or being exposed to harmful substances.No good manager would take a chance with the well-being of their workers, so why should you? 

If you are at your wit’s end wondering how to prevent steel corrosion, pay close attention. This article will outline five ways containment coating can help you. 

1. Coatings Prevent Oxidation 

Any structural engineer worth their salt will tell you that oxidization is the bane of stainless steel. To stop this early on, coatings can be applied to block out these elements.

This is typically done by galvanizing the stainless steel with materials like zinc. When applied correctly these coatings can protect your steel for years to come. 

2. Coating Stops Environmental Deterioration

One of the most common causes of stainless steel corrosion is environmental factors. For example, saltwater can deteriorate stainless steel especially quickly. 

Containment Coating serves as an effective barrier between steel and environment-based corrosion agents. It does this by stopping conductive materials, like saltwater, from completing a current. 

3. Containment Coating Catches Even Small Amounts of Moisture

Even the tiniest amounts of moisture can cause corrosion. Left unchecked, these unnoticeable spills can be disastrous for your profits. 

A feature of most forms of containment coating is that they’re good at catching spills you wouldn’t notice. 

4. Containment Coatings Can Also Protect From Chemicals 

When it comes to corrosion it isn’t just environmental factors you need to worry about. Numerous industrial chemicals can eat away at your steel quickly.

Most containment coating is designed to defend against both environmental corrosion and industrial chemicals at the same time. This will leave your metal’s looking as fresh as the day they were bought.

5. They Can Also Protect The Metal Itself

Aluminum and steel corrosion doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Often it is directly associated with how old the materials are.

As metal ages, its durability reduces drastically. What this means is that corrosion will occur rapidly if the appropriate measures haven’t been taken.

Remember, steel corrosion prevention is best done before the metals begin to wear. You can do this by purchasing quality materials and installing protective coating immediately after. 

Don’t Let Steel Corrosion Kill Your Profits

Steel corrosion can damage your business, employee health, and your credibility. The worst part is the longer you leave it untreated, the worse the problem gets. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to prevent steel corrosion, one being containment coating. This tried and true method of protection can protect your assets from the elements and any other outside force that comes to mind. So why hold off any longer? 

If you’re looking for a company that knows how to prevent steel corrosion, try RAK Industrial Services Inc. By contacting us, you’ll be one step closer to protecting your business and your employees! 

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