4 Commercial Services to Consider

Whether planned or unplanned, downtime in manufacturing plants can cause a loss of up to 5% in productivity. If the hours add up, this can turn into millions of untenable losses. So, what can actually make your industrial equipment stop?

Downtime can happen due to a technological hitch or poor maintenance. That’s why most plant operators have commercial services companies on their speed dial. Your business can save millions of dollars with regular cleaning and maintenance from a reputable company.

However, there is a wide range of commercial services. Which one should you consider to build a successful plant? What do they entail? Find more information on this article.

1. On-Leak Repair Commercial Services

Leaks in industrial plants are common, especially around the valves and tubing. There are three prevalent types of leaks, including real, virtual, and permeation leaks. Real leaks occur due to pressure barriers, failing to contain flowing fluids in the valve or tubing.

In most cases, real leaks manifest in cracks or gaps. Virtual leaks occur when fluids get trapped in deadlegs while permeation is common in fluoropolymer valve seats. Whichever, type of leak, it can cause safety concerns, not to mention production losses.

For instance, a drip on the walkway can cause accidental slips. Similarly, gas leaks can mean evacuation and thousands of dollars in fines. Timely on-leak repair services can ensure none of this ever happens.

2. Composite Repair

Composite repair commercial services offer a temporary fix for pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and storage tanks. This service is common in the oil and gas industry. Other industrial plants adopting it include civil infrastructure, automotive, and power generation.

Unlike traditional repair processes, composite repairs can go on without a shutdown. This saves you time and productivity loss. Also, composite materials used for this commercial service are pretty flexible in terms of flexibility.

Technicians can design composite materials to exhibit certain properties. This makes them ideal for nearly all types of repairs in industrial plants.

3. Hot Tapping

Popularly known as pressure tapping, hot tapping is a commercial service that entails establishing a connection to a pressurized system. Hot tapping can involve cutting or drilling to connect to a pipeline or pressure vessel. This happens without cutting off the service line to the tank or pipe.

In other words, hot tapping services install connections to industrial pipelines without shutting down the service. This ensures continuity in production. It also mitigates potentially dangerous hazard exposure.

You can consider hot tapping services during mechanical repairs or system modifications.

4. Corrosion Services

Corrosion is irreversible; you start counting losses once you fail to control it in your plant. Corrosion happens when refined metals and parts go back to their chemically stable state. Factors that influence this change include acidity, warm temperatures, and oxygen exposure.

Corrosion services can help you take proactive measures against this damage. Some solutions for corrosion control include sacrificial metal protections. You can also mitigate corrosion by applying anti-corrosion pigments to metals.

Hire the Best Commercial Services Company

Reliable commercial services can save your plant from incurring unnecessary losses. They also enhance safety around the workplace.

Contact us today if you have any questions about composite repairs, hot tapping, or corrosion control.

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