When to Repair, Rebuild, or Replace Industrial Equipment

As a plant manager, you know how critical it is to keep your industrial equipment working, to do the job it needs to do. You also know how that same equipment gets worked hard and takes a whole lot of wear and tear. 

It can be a challenge to keep all equipment running in good order all the time. Sometimes you even have to make hard decisions about whether the equipment merits a repair or whether you should consider replacing it. 

Read on to learn more about what you should consider when deciding between a repair, rebuild or replacement for your industrial equipment. 


What to Ask Yourself When Deciding How to Handle Your Equipment

As you deal with equipment issues, you always need to decide how to handle a piece that either is acting up or not working at all. Sometimes a repair is worth it, while other times, it’s too costly and you’re better off making a new investment. 

As you manage your industrial equipment services and face a problem with equipment there are some key questions to consider. These questions include:

  • Do you have a warranty on the equipment?
  • Do you still owe money on the equipment or do you have it paid off?
  • If you repair or rebuild, will the equipment perform better?
  • Is the equipment doing what you need it to do or do you need a different machine to meet your needs?
  • Is the equipment worth anything towards a replacement?
  • Does new equipment give you an advantage towards new jobs?
  • Which best optimizes your operations?

Once you consider the answers to each of the questions it should help lead to an answer about which route is best for you.


Industrial equipment repair is a good choice for a few reasons. Maybe you still owe a lot of money on the equipment. In this scenario, you need it to get back to running order and probably can’t afford to invest in new equipment. 

If the equipment is still under warranty, then there’s a good chance that at least part of the repairs will be covered under the warranty in which case it’s smart to do the repair


Sometimes a piece of equipment requires more than a repair. Yet, it is still not in a state where it should be replaced. It makes sense to do an industrial equipment rebuild so you can get more life from the equipment. Choosing the option for rebuilding and restoring systems and components can often get the machine back in even better working order and really extend the life of the machine. 


Sometimes though, it only makes sense to choose an industrial equipment replacement. If the equipment is paid off and long past its warranty, you want to consider what the machine would actually be worth once it’s fixed. 

Sometimes, even after a repair or the expense of a rebuild, the machine is so old, it isn’t actually worth the investment. It might have too many hours on it and it doesn’t get an extended life. Then it’s time to replace it. 

Keep Your Plant Industrial Equipment Running 

Keeping your industrial equipment in good working order is key to the success of your business. You constantly need to evaluate how to manage the equipment to keep it functioning at its best. 

If you need help or advice deciding on how to care for your industrial equipment, we can help. Contact us today so we can help you keep things running well. 

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