What to Do in the Event of a Steam Pipe Explosion: A Closer Look

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Steam radiators are a significant source of heat distribution in many older residences and businesses. While steam radiators are still a reasonably viable source of heat, they are prone to a range of problems. The most serious of these failures is a steam pipe explosion.

In a pipe explosion crisis, you need to act fast. A steam pipe explosion is a serious yet common issue in older systems that requires a present and immediate response. Our guide directs you in the immediate aftermath of a pipe explosion.

Read on for a comprehensive course of action following a broken pipe.

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Act Fast When an Explosion Happens

Ruptured steam pipes can disrupt service and cause lasting collateral damage. That’s why you have to address broken pipe incidents with extreme diligence proactively.

The faster you react to a pipe explosion, the more you can minimize potential damages and costs. Our service can quickly confirm the presence of a steam line leak and combat it before it impacts daily processes.

Employ a JB Weld

J-B Weld is a well-known steam pipe repair product. Its two-part epoxy system is packaged in two tubes. When equal amounts of the two ingredients are combined, it will form an impenetrable seal.

Twenty minutes after application, the adhesive thickens into a putty suitable for high-temperature pipes and as a plug filler. J-B Weld can resist temperatures up to 250°C after curing. Thus, it is an optimal repair material for domestic applications and quick fixes.

Utilize Epoxy Putty

Most epoxy putties can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C. When it comes to steam or pipes, you have to go a step further, which is why high-resistance epoxy putty was designed.

Titanium epoxy is a titanium-filled resin that can endure up to 280°C. It is perfect for repairing steam pipes and high-strength bonding under extreme temperature settings.

Use Silicone Repair Tape

Fire-resistant piping bandages can strengthen previous repairs and boost the heat resistance of pipework. They are a relatively new idea in steam pipe repair. While a quick and effective fix, contracted professionals can tackle your old pipes today.

These wraps function in the same manner as standard pipe repair wraps do. You activate the resin with water before applying the bandage to the pipe. It then cures to produce a solid, impact-resistant covering surrounding the pipe.

Hire the Steam Pipe Explosion Experts

Old steam pipes are susceptible to pipe explosions and other catastrophic failures. A quick, responsible response to a steam pipe explosion is crucial.

Employing our reliable service will ensure the integrity and functionality you deserve. Routine inspections and fast emergency response will ensure your steam pipes are maintained and repaired as necessary.

Contact us for a free repair quotation today; we can help enshrine the integrity of your steam pipe system now.

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