Steam Leak Repair Guide

OSHA catalogs countless employee deaths and injuries caused by steam leaks every year. To keep your facility safe and operating above industry standards you need to know what to do during a steam leak repair.

Appliance repairs, pipe repairs, tank repairs, and other equipment repairs can be expensive, but leaks only get worse with time. If you detect a steam leak in your equipment you owe it to your employees to get it fixed fast.

This handy guide gives you all the information you need to get your steam leak taken care of fast.

Steam Leaks Are Dangerous and Preventable

In an industrial setting, a steam leak is when pressurized steam is released uncontrollably from a piece of industrial machinery. A leak can happen slowly over time, or in an abrupt and destructive manner.

Keeping up with proper facility maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent steam leaks from occurring. You need to focus on safety when it comes to inspecting and maintaining all of your industrial machinery to prevent leaks.

If you or your employees notice a steam leak you need to fix it as soon as possible to prevent a catastrophic loss of life and property. A steam leak represents a serious workplace hazard.

They only get worse with time and when they do they can cause industrial accidents on a widespread scale.

There are almost 3 million workplace injuries in the private sector each year, so don’t let a steam leak lead to one at your plant.

What if I Need Leak Repair?

If you need a steam leak repair your best bet is to contact an industrial service specialist. Do not attempt to have your employees repair a steam leak unless they have proper training and equipment.

Leaks can happen in many common types of industrial equipment such as expansion joints, piping systems, tanks, and valves. Many leaks will come on suddenly without notice.

If you need a leak repaired, you need an industrial service specialist who offers 24-hour emergency service with little downtime. A specialist can isolate your problem and prevent further damage to other parts of your critical equipment.

By isolating the piece of equipment with the leak they can also keep the rest of your industrial plant functioning while they conduct their repairs.

Having an industrial service specialist on speed-dial is an essential part of being a competent manager of an industrial facility.

Without one, you could be left in a moment of crisis with no one to turn to if your equipment develops a steam leak.

Catch Leaks Early

If your equipment develops a steam leak, catching it early can save your employee’s lives and the facility’s property. Knowing who to call for leak repair in your time of need can make a big difference for your plant.

If you require an industrial service specialist, contact us today. We specialize in steam leaks, but can also handle many other aspects of maintaining your industrial facility.

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