Prevent Fugitive Dust From Combusting With Bag Houses

Dust is a universal problem for anyone leading a complex operation. Even NASA had to develop technology to mitigate the effects of this elusive substance. 

You may be prioritizing housekeeping, and maybe your shop floors are squeaky clean. But fugitive dust is a silent ticking time bomb for any plant. Without the proper dust control measures in place, it could lead to damaged equipment, fire hazard, and possible loss of life.

Although fugitive dust will never be fully eliminated, it can managed effectively. Bag houses can prevent future combustion, ensuring your team can operate on the shop floor safely. Read on to learn more.

What Is Fugitive Dust?

Fugitive dust is a type of particulate matter. What that matter is depends on what materials the work site produces. This matter could be soil in an arid farmland, or ferrous materials in a metalworks site. 

During daily operation, this dust circulates in the air due to the equipment in use. External weather factors like wind can also cause particulate matter to linger in the air for extended periods. 

Fugitive dust in the air then becomes a breathing hazard for workers. Without the proper dust control measures, this material can collect on equipment and the floor. After some time, combustion is imminent.

Why Prevention is Important

Dust combustion can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to years of accumulation. In other instances, using the wrong dust control equipment, like using a wet vacuum for aluminum dust, can create a perfect environment for an explosive reaction.

Investing in safety will pay dividends in the long run. It can be tempting to cut corners to save costs, but you run the risk of employee injury, and loss of plant productivity. 

Equipment destruction can also lead to plant closures. In extreme circumstances, an explosion could affect the sentiments of local residents, creating negative publicity for your operation.

Make sure you’re doing things the right way, to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Using Bag Houses for Prevention

One reliable way to prevent fugitive dust accumulation is through using bag houses. Bag houses filter the air of fugitive matter collecting within a factory environment. There are three main types depending on the filtration method used: shakers, reverse air, and pulse jet.

When in optimal condition, bag houses can filter up 99% of particulate matter. But having one doesn’t mean all your dust problems are over. Your team should still have an internal dust control plan; making sure they clean the bag house routinely.

Over time though, matter can collect within the fibers of the bags, slowing filtration.

An excess of matter can lead to equipment corrosion as well. This corrosion can reduce suction power, leaving your shop floor only partially cleaned.

Leaving one bag in disrepair to avoid repair costs reduces filtration quality. The machine is designed to operate with all parts in working order.

Keep the Dust Away

Keeping fugitive dust in check is an ongoing journey. You may have the proper equipment and cleaning practices. But if not maintained regularly, you run the risk of losing the machinery you invested in.

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