How to Prevent Pipe Leaks From Wreaking Havoc on Your Business

Cold weather can cause pipes to burst, and it’s not because the icy water inside them has expanded and caused them to pop. A winter plumbing mishap like this is down to pressure in the pipes — pressure that you can avoid with the right preparation.

That doesn’t just go for bursting plumbing, either. Even something like pipe leaks can be prevented with a few preventative steps. And whether you want to avoid bursting or leaking pipes, one thing is for sure: either one would wreak havoc on your commercial space. 

So, how can you prevent pipes from leaking and keep your business at its best? Here are xx methods to try. 

1. Check the Pressure

We already touched on the fact that too much pressure causes pipes to burst. But even a little bit of extra pressure can cause pipes to leak. 

So, keep tabs on your plumbing’s pressure. You’ll want to make sure your water stays below 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). The ideal range hovers somewhere between 30 and 50 PSI. 

Anything over 60 can put too much strain on your pipes and cause a water hammer, which, in turn, causes a leak. 

2. Tighten the Fittings and Re-Seal Joints 

Next, you’ll want to inspect the fittings in your plumbing system. Perhaps some have come a bit loose — a welcome invitation for water to start trickling through.

You probably won’t be able to check the entire commercial space’s plumbing fittings, of course. But you can start with the sinks. Check the traps and see if you feel moisture — if you do, try your hand at tightening the fittings yourself

The same goes for the joints that connect your pipes, too. Have a look at the nuts and bolts that connect your plumbing system. Any loose ones should be tightened to keep leaks at bay.

3. Soften the Water

Not all leaking pipes are due to loose fittings or corroded seals. Sometimes, it’s down to the water that flows through them.

Namely, hard water and the many minerals it contains can cause corrosion and damage to your pipes over time. You can get ahead of this by softening the water before it flows through your pipes. This will ensure your entire plumbing system lasts longer, and it will probably stave off a few leaks, too.

4. Bring in the Professionals

Finally, if you try all of the above and still worry about leaks, you have one final option: bring in the professionals. They can help you with the preventative maintenance described above. Or, they can provide leak repair, should they find something that you haven’t yet fixed on your own. 

Bringing in the pros will provide you with great peace of mind, as you’ll know the entire plumbing system has been checked by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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