Here are 5 Ways to Prevent Corrosion

If you run an industrial facility, you rely on several machines and equipment pieces to function at their best capacity. Damage to those machines could result in costly downtime you’d rather avoid.

However, some damage could prove even more dangerous than other types. One such issue is corrosion on your pipes or machines. Corrosion happens when most of the atoms on your metal’s surface become exposed to oxygen.

Corrosion can cause pipeline breaks, chemical plant leaks, and even flooding in bathrooms. You must make it a part of your mission to prevent corrosion from damaging your equipment. To help you get started, we’ll provide you with five corrosion prevention methods!

1. Prevent Corrosion Through Your Choice of Metal

One way to prevent corrosion is by using various metals with an increased resistance to it. Most often, these metals include aluminum and industrial steel. You can use these metals to reduce the amount of corrosion protection necessary.

Steel can help protect against corrosion for a while, steel corrosion will inevitably strike. As such, use some other methods to protect your steel as well.

2. Prevention of Corrosion Through Protective Coatings

To protect against corroded metal, you can also apply protective coatings. Protective coatings are one of the more affordable corrosion prevention methods. These coatings act as a barrier against electrochemical charges reaching the protected metal.

You can also apply powder coatings, which you apply to the metal’s surface. You then heat the metal to fuse the powder into a smooth film. Which protective coating you use depends on your machinery.

3. Consider Environmental Methods

Corrosion occurs when certain chemicals from the surrounding environment interact with your metal. If you control the area, you can reduce the contact these chemicals have with your machinery.

Some measures are more straightforward, such as eliminating contact with rainwater. You can also control the environment to reduce the amount of oxygen around your machine.

4. Shield Your Metal With Sacrificial Coatings

Another method industrial systems use to prevent corrosion is applying a sacrificial coat. Usually, this involves coating your machinery with a metal that will corrode before the necessary metals below.

One standard method for this is to coat the metal with zinc, known as galvanizing. As it corrodes, it prevents the oxidization of the steel beneath it.

Another technique involves coating steel with tin, which resists corrosion. As long as the tin remains in place, the steel stays safe.

5. Try Corrosion Inhibitors

These inhibitors are chemicals that suppress electrochemical reactions that cause corrosion. Workers apply the inhibitors to their metal surface, where they serve as a protective film. They also work as solutions to dispel existing corrosion.

Seek Professional Help

Any industrial plant must find ways to prevent corrosion from damaging their machinery. However, even the most diligent managers may overlook an issue.

For this reason, consider hiring professional corrosion prevention services! We at Rakcorp use the best solutions and prevention methods to protect your machinery. Learn more about our services by contacting us today!

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