An Industrial Plant Manager’s Guide to Effective Tank Repair

There are 565,537 manufacturing businesses operating in the United States.

These businesses are run by a plant manager.

Plant managers are responsible for overseeing all daily operations. This includes production, planning, and the implementation of safety standards. Plant managers are responsible for overseeing manufacturing operations and correcting issues.

They are also responsible for tank repair.


Common Issues in Tanks

Many industries in the manufacturing business use steel tanks for storage. These tanks are susceptible to a few common issues.

Common issues in steel tanks include rusting, leaking, or icing. Exposure to moisture may lead to an accumulation of water or bacterial growth.

Stainless steel tanks corrode when exposed to certain corrosive chemicals or cleaners. They also corrode in high humidity or high salinity environments. Seawater is a common reason for the deterioration in stainless steel tanks.


The Truth About Rust

Coating, or lining, is the only method of protection a tank has against oxidization. Natural deterioration occurs over time, leading to rust. Yet the rusting process accelerates when this protective coating prematurely wears off.

The presence of rust speeds up the deterioration of steel tanks.


Methods of Tank Repair

There are various methods of tank repair.

You can stop the spread of rust by applying a new coating or lining to steel tanks. This new coat will replace the previous diminished coat. This adds a new protective layer to tanks and slows the spread of rust.

On-line leak repairs are used to handle liquid or steam leaks from a pipe. It is crucial to repair leaks as soon as possible. On-line leak repairs are commonplace to avoid costly downtime and slowed production.

Composite material is often used to repair tanks. This material is popular due to its lightweight, durability, and strength. Corrosion resistance and flexible design are benefits.


The Importance of Corrosion Control

It is crucial to prevent, monitor, and repair corrosion.

Plant managers have a duty to be proactive wherever possible. The prevention of corrosion is a simple way to control productivity. It also prevents downtime and saves on business expenses.

Protect tanks with a strong coating to prevent rust and deterioration. Store them in a dry, temperature-controlled area to prevent water accumulation. This will further prevent bacterial overgrowth and oxidization.

Corrosion repair should be prompt.


Industrial Expertise Matters

RAK Industrial Services was founded in 1972.

Our focus began with industrial coatings and urethane foam insulation. Now, after nearly five decades in the business, we are experts in the industrial field.

We specialize in on-line repair, coatings and linings, and composite repair.

RAK pioneered a repair process for on-line leaks. The process involves sealing leaks with composite material after repairs have been made. This extra layer of protection guarantees that the seal won’t break.

This process has been widely used across the industrial field.


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