5 Signs You Need a Steam Leak Repair Company

Plumbing systems don’t always give you a clear indication that something might be going wrong, and homeowners are usually caught unaware, at the most inopportune moment. Some problems can take months to develop and by that time it’s too late and you need a bigger repair than expected.

Most steam leak repairs you won’t be able to do yourself but read below for clear signs that you might have trouble brewing in your steam system.

A Hidden Steam Leak

Nearly all leaks associated with a steam system start off small and work their way up gradually. Most of the time a leak will be too small and not noticeable at all. Having a qualified technician come around each year and inspect the system will give you peace of mind that there is no leak present.

Not Enough Water Pressure

A plumbing system that isn’t set up right and has loose connections, leaks, or busted pipes, the amount of pressure coming through the pipes will be significantly reduced. Usually, the radiators or water pipes furthest away from the system will drop pressure first.

If you notice any change in pressure at all, get the steam leak repair company in immediately to check it out before the system completely collapses.

Banging Noises 

The loud clanging noise that you hear in your basement might mean that there is a blockage in the pipes or the water pressure isn’t adjusted correctly. Banging noises in the boiler could also mean that the tank on the boiler is dirty and needs to be cleaned. 

The worst sound is probably a hissing sound from the boiler, if you hear this, the boiler could be overheating and it is imperative you contact the steam leak repair company.

Rust Appearing

Are you noticing rust spots popping up all over the house and maybe in the foundations? It could be a sign that your metal pipes are rusting away and the system is outdated.

If your pipes run through the floor, a swollen pipe that pops tiles or wood flooring up is a sign that the pipe will need to be replaced as it is on the verge of bursting.

Strong Odour

A strong, metallic-like smell that comes from your boiler, could be an indicator that oil or gas is leaking from your heating system. This smell won’t be present the whole time and will come and go. 

If you do detect even the slightest smell, call your repair company to check it out, as a gas leak can be fatal.

Leave It To The Professionals

A plumbing repair on your heating system or a boiler replacement is one of those things that even if you are handing with your hands, it’s better left up to the professionals. With gas and high-pressure water running through the same system, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye!

Do you need a steam leak repaired? Not sure if your system is showing signs of failing? Get in touch with our team today and we will do the rest for you! 

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