How to Save Money on Pipe Leak Repair

Pipes are one of the safest ways to transport hazardous liquids and gas, but when one gets damaged, it is highly inconvenient and hazardous, not to mention expensive.

To do a pipe leak repair, it is necessary to pay for materials and labor, but the expenses do not end there. A traditional pipeline repair requires the pipe to be dug up and repaired, leading to extra expenses to fix the area dug into.

If you’re interested in how you can lower your pipe repair cost, keep reading.

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How Much Does Pipe Repair Cost?

The cost of a pipe leak repair depends on several factors, including how deep in the ground it is and the severity of the damage.

However, the main factor that drives up the cost of pipe repair is where the pipe is located. If the pipe is located under concrete or machinery, this can easily drive up costs and become the most expensive part of a traditional dig-and-replace repair.

How To Decrease Pipe Repair Cost

To save money on a pipe leak repair, you should first see if there is an alternative repair method to the traditional dig-and-replace repair.

When searching for alternative repair methods, it is useful to have a trained team of professionals do a video inspection of the damaged pipe. Video inspections only take a minimal amount of time and can save you a large amount of money by showing you the extent of the damage.

Plus, the video tools can be inserted through existing entry points, so it is not necessary to do any digging. 

Trenchless Cured-In-Place Repair

Trenchless, cured-in-place technologies allow pipes to be mended without actually digging them out. Trenchless repairs mend any damage by creating new pipe walls from within the pipe.

This method of repair allows someone to avoid expensive remedial landscaping costs, potentially lowering the cost by as much as 30 percent.

Sectional Point Repair

If a video inspection shows that a pipe only has isolated incidents of damage, it may be possible to do a sectional point repair.

A sectional repair relines segments of the pipe through the use of two small entry points. While the process is similar to a full line repair, it costs significantly less in terms of both materials and labor.

Pipe Bursting

If your pipe is too damaged for a trenchless lining repair, you may want to consider bursting the damaged pipe. Pipe bursting can also be done without digging and damaging the landscape, so it still costs much less than excavating the damaged pipe.

After the pipe is burst, professionals can lay the replacement lines without digging and causing damage to the landscape.

Affordable Pipe Leak Repair

If you need a pipe leak repair done, it is important to use a company that is fast and efficient.

RAK Industrial Services repairs leaks on gas, liquid, and steam piping in any industrial and commercial setting. We repair leaks using methods that do not require any shut-downs or isolations of a system or unit, so you can keep all critical systems operational.

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