An Insider’s Industrial Safety Guide for 2022

Did you know that there were over 4,764 fatal occupational injuries in 2020? While this number is lower than the previous years, there are still thousands. With that in mind, practicing industrial safety in 2022 is a must.

The best way to start the new year is by listing attainable safety culture resolutions. Warehouses are still one of the most dangerous workplaces for employees. To keep your company from accidents, reviewing the safety programs is crucial.

Are you looking for a new approach to industrial safety? Read on for a short guide on warehouse safety that will help you.

Practice Warehouse Safety Rules and Procedures

When practicing new warehouse safety, reviewing your warehouse layout is essential. There can be times when the floor plan is efficient but unsafe. Review the design and make separate lanes for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

But if this is impossible, make mark-off lanes instead. Create marks for walkways and install a fisheye mirror on the blind corners. Doing this will add areas of safety in the warehouse.

Setting or updating your warehouse safety rules and programs is also necessary. Annual maintenance helps you identify safe working areas. Keep in mind that your warehouse safety rules and programs need to fit your employees’ needs.

Aside from that, you also have to follow industrial safety laws. This includes meeting OSHA requirements like safety signage and emergency action plans. Make sure that your safety rules follow the industrial safety checklist.

Offer Ongoing Safety Programs and Trainings

Having ongoing safety programs helps to maintain your business’ growth and safety. Every year, check new trends for safety practices and emergency procedures. You can also include recognizing hazards and protective measures.

Keep your management well-trained on hazard identification and control. Your employees also need proper training for job safety analysis and problem-solving. Companies need to understand that training needs to be specific.

Safety programs in your warehouse should consider what hazards are present and how you operate. It also needs to get a basis on employee safety laws. But the best programs should expand outside the OSHA standard training.

Identify and Control Hazards in Your Facility

Employers need to perform regular inspections of worksite hazards. It includes industrial safety procedures and other recognized hazard standards like OSHA.

You have to make regular reviews and updates. Do a routine walk-around safety inspection within the facility. Apart from that, you can also create an inspection checklist.

Take note of all accidents on equipment and processes. Doing this will help you identify each hazard well. It also helps in controlling and correcting unsafe conditions fast.

Routine warehouse inspections will also reduce emergencies within the area. Proper control of hazards will also result in better protective equipment. Not to mention, work practices will be altered to become a perfect fit for the company’s safety culture.

2022’s Short Insider’s Guide to Industrial Safety

Reducing worker accidents is a continuous struggle for many industrial businesses. This year, maintenance and new approaches to industrial safety are your best bet. By fixing your safety programs, you can protect your business and employees.

Doing this will increase your worker’s productivity. Besides that, it will also help you create a safer working space for everyone.

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